17 Awesome Bedroom Organization Ideas You Can Do Before Holidays

Don't allow the holidays to come without being ready for it, here are some awesome bedroom organization ideas for you to do, and they're super easy!

Do These Bedroom Organization Ideas For The Holidays

Whether managing the lights and darks, or compartmentalizing your drawers to separate paired items, or creating new storage items to help you with all your things, you can do easy bedroom organizing before the holiday starts to kick in. The holiday will keep you busy, so you better start adapting some bedroom organization ideas to make your life easier. Take it from me because I learned these things the hard way. Check out all the different ways you can organize efficiently. See the list below and tell me what works best for you!


1. Additional Containers For Small Bedroom

This is so effective for small bedroom spaces because you're maximizing the space above and below your closet. It makes life easy by compelling you to sort out the lights and the darks, too! Though you can customize these containers according to your needs, like storing seasonal items apart from clothes.

2. Create Floating Shelves

Use some space that seems to be dead or awkward and turn it into something useful! This corner looks like you can't put anything in there but with the help of shelves, it turns out to be a storage space that can hold books, vases, and other items you wish to display. Take a look at your corners at home and see if you can apply this trick.

3. Dollar Store Storage Bins With Custom Metal Tags

Who thought bins could look this chic and personalized? With the help of an upgrade and custom tags, these dollar-store bins can be your storage friend. Put your craft items, supplies, hair accessories or just about anything else in these storage bins, and you'll see some improvement in your bedroom organization.

4. DIY Storage For Transient Items

Remember the items you have in your room that shouldn't really have a permanent space? Books from the library, gifts you have to give, seasonal clothes, and used things you want to donate? Store them like this, with correct labels. It's very efficient because you can organize them and at the same time, not forget what to do with them. You also know what is inside by writing it on the label area.

5. Organize Your Closet Space

You take a look at your closet space and think it's full, but really, you just did not maximize the space. Avoid piling up your clothes and other items. Use racks to properly organize your closet, and have wires, hooks, or pins where you can hang your items. Also, place similar items together and put them in one place. Indeed, organizing makes life easier.

6. Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Take good care of your precious jewelry and accessories with this kind of storage. Hang those necklaces to avoid coiling, and for easy access too. Sort rings and other items in boxes. For your dangling earrings, hook them up on the board. This will eliminate the chance of losing a piece or two, or wasting time finding your accessories.

7. DIY Ladder Shoe Shelf

This type of shoe storage is a clever hack for those who want to gain the easiest access to their shoes. I can imagine having one in my room, and being able to plan my outfit already because I can see my shoes! Also, a lot of shoe storage idea often take more space than necessary. This might do the trick for your room.

8. Custom Drawer Organizers

Drawers are organizers in themselves but sometimes, it's not enough to just put your clothing items in there. When it involves so many pieces that are different from one another, it would be wise to have drawer organizers. This way your socks won't mix up with your scarves, hankies, or with your shoelaces.

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9. Closet Makeover With Dressing Room Space

With proper organization, your bedroom can hold so many essential items. Take this area in the bedroom– it looks narrow but it has maximized as much space as possible. The shelves near the ceiling can store up your bags and other items.

10. Organized Office Corner In Your Room

Some bedrooms also hold mini offices, enough for your desk, computer, supplies and work documents. You can avoid the clutter by using drawers to organize most of your office items. This way you stay productive in the confines of your bedroom.

11. Pegboard With Shelves and Organizers

If a big table or desk can use up a large space in your bedroom, go for a smaller one. Don't worry about where to put your office supplies and papers. A pegboard can definitely help you with that. Use a pegboard and attach racks, rolls, hooks, and other things to hold your items. It would be a truly organized mini office inside your bedroom.

12. Cake Stand Display

Yes, cake stands can hold other items too. Place the cake stand on your desk, side table or vanity table and place several items so you can easily locate them. Got plenty of perfume bottles? Place it there. Want to put all your makeup in one place? The cake stand would be the perfect spot.

13. Under The Bed Drawers

Whether your bedroom is large or small these organizing ideas will keep everything in order, giving you relaxing place to rest in. The empty space under your bed can be used as a practical space with these under the bed drawers. Made by installing wheels to a wooden box, or you can repurpose old drawer from a chest.

14. Make Use Of Headboard Space

Make use of headboard storage space by integrating shelving for everything from books and lamps to favorite framed photos. You can purchase shelved headboards, or build your own out of old drawers or pallets.

15. Minimize Laundry Space

Save some space with a hanging laundry hamper hiding discreetly at the back of a door. It’s easy to create your own with fabric and an embroidery hoop.

16. Keep Your Trash Bin Out Of Sight

Everyone needs to store trash somewhere. The only issue is that any trash bin will use at least a square foot of space. Until it doesn’t because you’re going to hide yours in a tilting cabinet. Not only will it keep your waste out of sight, but it’ll also double as a makeup counter or nightstand.

17. Just Make Some Decisions To Declutter, Really…

This guide doesn't get old, and you can use it especially on days when you feel like there's just so much going on in your closet. Once you free up your closet from the items you don't need, you'll be surprised at how much space you actually have. Make some important decisions, like keeping what you need and letting go of the items you no longer use. This infographic is helpful in making the right decision. So have fun decluttering and trace your path as you go!


Here is a video about more storage tips to add to your bedroom organization ideas from Better Homes and Gardens: 

Create more space in your bedroom by simply organizing your space. You might be surprised at how much room there is left for the things that will come your way, especially this holiday season. Adapt these ideas to your room for more efficient storing.

Do you have other bedroom organization ideas, you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.