20 innovative products on Amazon to help you stay organized

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When I was in sixth grade, I won the award for most organized. It was written on a paper plate and my friend Hannah didn’t speak to me for a week because she wanted to win, but it still spoke to me and my list-loving heart. If my 11-year-old self could see me now, her eyes would well up and she’d whisper, “I never knew organization could look like this.”

There are so many awesome products out there crafted for those of us who have more pens than friends. Dividers, organizers, and notebooks are great, but we’re taking a look at the more specialized products on Amazon crafted to suit our compartmentalized and color-coordinated needs.
1. A magnetic meal planner for the fridge Credit: Smart Planner
This board makes planning meals a breeze.

Reviews: 877
Average rating: 4.2 stars

Ever have those days where you wake up, wondering what you’ll scrounge together for dinner tonight? Not me, because I plan out every meal on Saturday morning and write it on my fridge planner. No seriously, this thing is amazing—you can write down each dish you’d like to make for the week, where you found the recipe if you’re using one, and even keep track of those random items you think of throughout the week that you need to pick up from the grocery store.

The board itself is fantastic—it stays on the fridge with ease and cleans swiftly. The markers that come with the set aren’t the best; the magnets and eraser tops are perfect, but the pen itself is too weak to read. We picked up a set from Target and use those instead.

Get the Smart Weekly Planner Magnetic Dry Erase Board for $9.95
2. A planner with stickers that forces you to focus on yourself Credit: Clever Fox
Prioritize your goals with this planner.

Reviews: 963
Average rating: 4.7 stars

What’s better than a colorful planner divided into sections for month, day, and personal goals? One that also comes with stickers! This planner is undated, meaning you can pick it up now and chart out your next year without having to cross out months and days to make it fit. It has sections for the introspective individual, allowing you to set personal goals for the year, reflect on gratitude and daily rituals, and sketch big-picture plans on a vision board.

Oh, and it comes with stickers—150 colorful ones that can be added to any section of the planner, whether you’re marking your goals or celebrating milestones.

Get the Clever Fox Planner for $24.99
3. This wire pan organizer that saves space and sanity Credit: Deco Brothers
This wire organizer is a great way to better organize your pots and pans.

Reviews: 2,405
Average rating: 4.5 stars

If you don’t have much space in your kitchen—or you find yourself opening cabinet doors only to be flooded with a rush of pans like you’re in an infomercial—it’s time to re-evaluate how you’re storing your cooking tools. This wire organizer is a great way to better organize those tight spaces and save yourself the hassle of pulling out five pans to reach the one you need. Stand it upright, lay it on its side, keep it on the counter or in the island—whatever works. And if you’re worried about pulling one pan and bringing the entire system down, like the protagonist in a laugh-track ridden sitcom, it comes with mounting screws so you can secure it tightly in place.

Get the DecoBros Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Pan Organizer Shelf Rack for $16.87
4. A garden hose pot that doubles as rustic backyard decor Credit: Liberty Garden Products
This bronze hose pot is a better way to organize your garden hose.

Reviews: 144
Average rating: 4.4 stars

Speaking of awkwardly fumbling with inanimate objects, there aren’t many ways to make unspooling a garden hose look cool. When stored on the outside of the house, they can accumulate leaves, dirt, pollen, and—get ready to shudder—spiders. Why not incorporate your garden hose into your backyard decor by storing it in a stylish pot? This bronze hose pot is made for this exact reason, providing an easy way to store and use your hose without becoming a massive eye sore (or home base for wolf spiders).

The open hole on the side allows the hose to unwind easily for your gardening needs, and it doubles as a drainage port for excess water or accumulated rain. Amazon reviewers note that it can handle hoses between 50–100 feet, but note that it’s quite light—if you find it tipping over, line the bottom with rocks or gravel to stabilize it.

Get the Liberty Garden High Density Garden Hose Pot for $29.95
5. This slim battery organizer for storing and testing your old batteries Credit: Range Kleen
This battery organizer case can hold dozens of batteries of different sizes.

Reviews: 3,451
Average rating: 4.4 stars

Forget keeping five packs of half-opened batteries in the office. Pick up a battery organizer that easily fits in the drawer of your choosing and can hold dozens of batteries of different sizes. The joy of keeping them contained to one organizer is that you’ll be less likely to forget where you put those AAs—and if you can’t remember how old the batteries are, it comes with a tester that will tell you exactly how much juice each cell has left.

Get the Slim Line Battery Organizer for $11.65
6. A bag holder that attaches to the headrest of your car Credit: IPELY
This holder is ideal for purses, grocery bags, shopping bags, and more.

Reviews: 2,049
Average rating: 4.0 stars

Here’s a fun story: When I drive, I keep my purse in the backseat because my husband sits in the front, and he’s approximately 8 feet tall. He likes to reach back, use my lip balm, then haphazardly throw my purse back in place. Every time, I wind up with a spilled purse and a splitting migraine. These headrest bag holders are made for people like me, who need to store bags in the back seat, but don’t want them to spill due to sharp curves or human interference. They’re ideal for my purse, but work well for grocery bags, shopping bags, backpacks, and even hats.

Get the IPELY Universal Back Seat Headrest Hanger for $7.95
7. A jewelry organizer with attachments for all types of bling Credit: SoCal Buttercup
Show off your bling with this jewelry organizer.

Reviews: 1,698
Average rating: 4.6 stars

Jewelry boxes are great for storing your favorite pieces, but necklaces, rings, and bracelets can get easily entangled, meaning you’ll spend more time separating chains than picking out what you want to wear. This wall-mounted rustic jewelry organizer is perfect for holding earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and rings. It’s ideal for the jewelry-enthusiast, and it’s chic design complements and elevates your bedroom’s decor. I’m a big fan of the mint green, but it comes in espresso, white, and light brown.

Get the SoCal Buttercup Shabby Chic Jewelry Organizer for $34.95
8. This over-the-toilet organizer to keep your bathroom tidy Credit: UTEX
This over-the-toilet organizer can give you some much-needed space when you need it most.

Reviews: 268
Average rating: 4.0 stars

Bathrooms can get unkempt real quick—especially if you live in a big city, where bathrooms are smaller than the amount of patience you have for train delays. With this over-the-toilet organizer, you can forget about balancing your toothbrush on the lid of the sink, storing toilet paper in whichever cabinet it fits, and keeping tampons out of reach—you can store them all on shelves, which allow you to both organize your bathroom wares better and show off your inner interior designer.

And if you live with roommates, introducing new shelves is a great way to declutter (or more realistically, a great way to establish a set spot for you to store your things without having to worry about a roommate dominating the space).

Get the UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer for $65.98
9. A magnetic pen holder to ensure your pens stay in one place Credit: InterDesign
This magnetic holder is a gift for pen lovers.

Reviews: 697
Average rating: 4.8 stars

I probably own about 40 pens, but if you asked me to show you, I’d be running to my desk, scrounging on top of the fridge, opening drawers, and digging in backpacks to produce them. And when I need them the most—like jotting down a grocery list in the kitchen or writing a post-it note in my office—they somehow grow minds of their own and crawl into hard-to-reach places or disappear entirely.

The solution is a magnetic pen holder like this, which can store a handful of pens, highlighters, and markers on my fridge or filing cabinet. The stainless steel design makes it sturdy, while its flat design ensures it can fit in small spaces without feeling clunky or noisy.

Get the InterDesign Forma Magnetic Modern Pen and Pencil Holder for $8.55
10. These chalkboard labels that belong on everything in your house Credit: Savvy & Sorted
You'll want to put these chalkboard labels everywhere.

Reviews: 744
Average rating: 4.8 stars

Labels warm my heart. This chalkboard set is ideal for organizing your favorite spaces, whether you’re cleaning out the kitchen or compartmentalizing your craft storage. This set comes with 96 labels, which almost seems like a fun challenge—can you find 100 things in your home to label? More importantly, it comes with a chalkboard marker, which I hadn’t even heard of before, but now desperately need. Use the labels and fancy marker to move your spices and dried goods to new containers, like a set of stainless steel canisters or glass ones with airtight seals. If you enjoy hosting friends, they’re a great way to keep glasses in order—write each guest’s name on their drink, and make sure you tell them that you’re the only one who gets to write with the chalkboard marker.

Get Premium Chalkboard Labels for $7.99
11. These dispensers that’ll keep your cereal from getting stale Credit: Zevro
Say goodbye to stale cereal thanks to these dispensers.

Reviews: 2,001
Average rating: 4.4 stars

You know what’s not fun? Opening a box of cereal to find that you didn’t seal the bag properly and now all the cereal is stale. Also not fun? Awkwardly opening the bag enough inside the box to achieve the perfect pour, or getting frustrated and just pulling the whole bag out, then trying to shove the full bag back into the cardboard box.

So ditch the box entirely with this dispenser. All you have to do is load your cereal into it to ensure you get the proper helping of delicious breakfast every morning without having to worry about the awkward box juggle. This set comes with two dispensers, so you can pick your two favorite cereals, or allow your partner to pick their favorite brand, too.

Get the Zevro Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser for $26.88
12. A magnetic knife strip that’s Alton Brown-approved Credit: Modern Innovations
This magnetic knife strip is Alton Brown approved.

Reviews: 2,461
Average rating: 4.6 stars

The way you store your knives can make a huge impact on their quality. Knife blocks are a great way to keep blades sheathed and safe from the elements, but they don’t allow you to mix-and-match your favorite brands. Storing your knives loosely in a kitchen drawer can lead to wear and tare on the blades—and honestly it’s a great way to accidentally cut yourself, too. Magnetic knife bars store knives by the blades, ensuring they don’t get ruined by rubbing against other kitchen tools. By moving your knives to the wall, you can save drawer space, keep your knives healthy, and plus it’ll look wicked cool when grabbing one to use. And did I mention they’re Alton Brown’s preferred way of storing knives? I guess I should have lead with that.

Get the Modern Innovations 16-Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar for $17.49
13. These cable clips that’ll save your headphones Credit: Blue Key World
These clips were specifically made for holding individual cables in place.

Reviews: 2,221
Average rating: 4.3 stars

Having a fully decked-out office is incredible—I love having everything connected, but I don’t always love having my computer charger, my converter, my headphones, my phone charger, and my HDMI cord all swimming around on and near my desk at all times. Zip ties work to wrangle the mess, but they’re not pretty (and to my cats, they’re a delicious snack). And they’re not helpful for preventing my computer charger falling behind my desk EVERY TIME I unplug it from my computer.

But these cable clips can really help. They’re specifically made for holding individual cables in place, preventing cords from flying all over the place or getting lost in the throng. They can be attached to horizontal and vertical surfaces, making them a great way to hold all kinds of cords.

Get these Cable Clips for $5.97
14. This toilet paper holder that hangs from the tank Credit: InterDesign
This toilet paper holder is a great space saver.

Reviews: 610
Average rating: 4.6 stars

Many older houses don’t have toilet paper holders built into the walls, so we’re stuck buying toilet paper stands, drilling holders into walls, or my least favorite method, just stacking toilet paper rolls on the toilet itself (looking at you, PAUL). This bronze holder sees you stacking, and she politely asks you to stop. It hooks directly into the toilet tank, allowing you to grab the paper you need now while storing a roll you’ll need later. It’s a great space saver if you currently have a TP tower, or if your built-in holder isn’t up to your standards. It’s also one of those purchases that will change the way you view your bathroom, inspiring you to look around and say, “What else can I do in here?”

Get the InterDesign Axis Metal Over the Tank Tissue Organizer for $6.48
15. A recipe box to store all those handwritten recipes from mom Credit: Fresh & Lucky
All of mom's recipes, finally in one place.

Reviews: 258
Average rating: 4.5 stars

My mother is an incredible cook, and she is constantly preparing a barrage of dishes both from her favorite cookbooks and her own head. I call her nonstop for recipes, but this year for the holidays, she sent me this recipe box absolutely stuffed with her favorite recipes. After the sobbing subsided, I was incredibly grateful to have all her recipes in one place—not scattered around the kitchen, hidden in drawers and tucked in cookbooks like usual.

If you’re like I was before—meaning you probably have a recipe for mashed potatoes written on the back of a Michael’s receipt—it may be a good idea to pick up a recipe box (with recipe cards) to replace those scrappy papers. It saves a lot of time, like when I want Mom’s fried ravioli recipe, I just go to the box instead of tearing out all the drawers looking for scribbles.

Get the Fresh & Lucky Wooden Recipe Box with 100 Recipe Cards and Dividers for $23.97
16. This wall-mounted mop and broom holder that means you’re still stuck doing chores Credit: Home-It
Broom and mops are easier to find thanks to this.

Reviews: 5.7k
Average rating: 4.7 stars

My husband loves cleaning and I really despise it to my core, so you could say we’re like the odd couple, except neither of us is an old man. I will take literally any excuse not to clean, from, “Oh sorry I think the cat needs a bath,” to “I actually think I lost the mop, so sad.” But with a cleaning rack that holds every item we need to spiff the house up, that second excuse goes straight to the gutter. Not only does it have grips to hold larger cleaning tools like brooms, rakes, and your favorite mops, but it has smaller hooks to catch dust bins, dusters, rags, and even gloves. It’s your one-stop-spot for cleaning supplies, whether you keep it indoors or mount it in the garage. I can hear my husband salivating from here.

Get the Home- It Mop and Broom Holder
for $11.99
17. A sponge holder that’ll ensure your sponge doesn’t get trapped under 40 dishes Credit: simplehuman
This sponge holder from simplehuman is large enough to hold two sponges.

Reviews: 889
Average rating: 4.1 stars

Even though I hate cleaning, I do love doing the dishes—it’s like playing in an adult water park, except you’re in normal clothes and there’s significantly less pee. I’m all about products that make cleaning dishes easier, specifically when they prevent me from throwing the sponge in the sink, then stacking every dish I own on top of it.

This sponge holder from simplehuman is stainless steel, meaning as it gets splashed with soapy water every day, it won’t grow mold like plastic ones will. Suction cups keep it firmly attached to the sink, while the hook on top provides more secure coverage. It’s large enough to hold two sponges, your sponge and a wire scrubber, or your sponge and a small container of dish soap.

Get the simplehuman Slim Sink Caddy for $12.99
18. These magnetic clips that’ll hold your glasses in place Credit: ReadeREST
Never lose another pair of eyeglasses again.

Reviews: 1,091
Average rating: 4.6 stars

This is one of those incredible
Shark Tank products that will make you wonder why you didn’t just get a patent for it yourself. If you’re constantly losing your glasses—or you’re like my father, who pretends he doesn’t need reading glasses and then curses about having forgotten them—this clever little Shark Tank product is the one for you.

It’s a small magnetic strip that attaches to your shirt, creating a sturdy loop for you to hang your glasses. This product is great if you don’t have a shirt pocket or glasses case handy, but want to protect your glasses throughout the day. And if you don’t have glasses, it’s still a great way to hold ID badges, headphones, or sunglasses.

Get the Readerest Magnetic Eyeglass Holder for $9.99
19. A sleeve to get all those cords in order Credit: JOTO
This cloth sleeve is a perfect way to fix wiry messes.

Reviews: 2,711
Average rating: 4.6 stars

This cloth sleeve is absolutely dreamy if you have lots of cords in your living room or home office. It wraps up loose cords and keeps them tightly packed—a godsend for those looking for ways to easily organize wiry messes. Unlike zip ties, which have to be manually tied and then cut with scissors when you need to unplug or move anything, these sleeves have zippers that make them incredibly easy to apply and remove. Amazon reviewers love how much of a difference they make, noting that the sleeves are simple to use and incredibly effective. The only potential downside is that they only hold 8 to 10 cords, so if you’re organizing a high-tech space, you’ll need several.

Get the Cable Management Sleeve, JOTO Cord Management System for $9.99
20. This small label maker that prints in colors and patterns Credit: Brother P-Touch
This label maker will make labeling addictive.

Reviews: 2,345
Average rating: 4.4 stars

After you get a label maker, you start viewing your home through the lens of, “What can I label in here?” This is especially true when you get a label maker that prints in fun fonts, patterns, and templates. Everything from your spice rack to your outdoor storage can get spiffed up with colorful and engaging labels—and honestly it’s a lifesaver if you need more organization in your life. Label your files, your cords, your storage, and even your leftovers with this small appliance that costs less than $15.

Get the Brother P-touch, PTD210, Easy-to-Use Label Maker for $14.99

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