DIY Repurposed Can Lego Head

Originally published February 5, 2014 and updated June 15, 2023.

Have you seen those cute LEGO head storage jars at the store?  You can make your own DIY repurposed can LEGO Head storage jar for free! It’s easy enough to make that it can a kids’ craft project.

yellow can with blue lid and DIY face to look like LEGO head storage with colorful LEGO blocks.

Every time I’m at the store and see those LEGO storage jars, I wish my children were young enough to have one.  Recently, I emptied a square yellow container of corn starch and as I was walking to the recycling bin, it hit me –  Hey! I could make my own LEGO head DIY storage. And it’s so easy to make in just 10 minutes!

DIY LEGO Head Storage Container

Benefits of Making Your Own DIY LEGO Head Container

Making your own DIY LEGO head storage container is not only easy but also incredibly practical.

One of the biggest benefits of making your own LEGO head storage container is that it’s a fun and creative project that anyone can do. You don’t need any special skills or tools to get started, just some spare time and a few basic supplies. Plus, it’s a great way to put old jars or containers to good use instead of throwing them away.

Another advantage of creating your own LEGO head storage container is that it’s an environmentally friendly option.

How to Make an Easy DIY LEGO Head


You’ll need:

yellow can with blue lid, markers, scissors and hole punch.

Find printable How-to instructions below.


Empty and wash the container. Use this tutorial for a natural way to remove sticky label residue.

I spent some time looking up LEGO face expressions to find 4 that I could draw.  If you have a bunch of LEGO people around the house, just find 4 with expressions you like.

yellow can with blue lid and drawn black smiling face.

With the red Sharpie, draw a tongue.  Punch the white eyes out of the label with a hole punch and add them to the black eyes you drew.  Use the scissors to cut teeth (a simple rectangle) from the label and add it to the mouth.

yellow can with blue lid and DIY smiling LEGO face.

Don’t over think it, just draw a the face with the black Sharpie.

I also drew an angry face,

yellow can with blue lid and DIY angry LEGO face.

a Grrr face, 

yellow can with blue lid and DIY Grrr LEGO face.

and a winking face.

yellow can with blue lid and DIY winking LEGO face.

Don’t worry if you’re not an artist (I can’t draw a stick figure).  You can practice drawing the faces on paper first. But they really are simple to draw. 

And for the older Lego fans you can store your super cool LEGO figures. 

yellow can with blue lid and DIY face to look like LEGO head storage with LEGO figures.

Tips and Variations

I left the lid blue, but you can paint it yellow to more closely mimic an actual Lego head storage small container. It’s important to use paint designed for plastic surfaces since the lid will be handled frequently and you don’t want the paint to peel off.

You can use a container of any color. Just spray paint the container and the lid with yellow paint and let them dry completely. Look for spray paint designed for plastic surfaces.

While the LEGO Head Storage Containers you can buy are yellow, you can use different color spray paint or markers.

yellow tub with drawn black frowning face.

You can use storage bins to make LEGO head storage large bins.

    • Bin
    • Paint
    • Paint brush
    • Marker
    • Paint the entire bin with yellow paint. Pay attention to paint the entire container.
    • Make sure it is completely dry before starting the next step.
    • Add Lego faces on each of the bin sides. You can create your own design and let your imagination take over!
Yield: 1

EASY DIY LEGO Head Container

yellow jar with blue lid and 2 sides of character faces showing

An easy-to-make free version of the fun LEGO storage container that kids love.

Prep Time 3 minutes
Active Time 7 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Difficulty Beginning
Estimated Cost free


  • Empty yellow plastic square jar container
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • Red Permanent Marker
  • White Mailing Labels


  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch


  1. Clean the container and remove label residue.
  2. Draw LEGO character faces with black and red marker on each side of jar.
  3. Use hole punch to create eyeballs with white mailing labels.


Add a touch of whimsy by drawing a difference face on each side of the jar.

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This DIY LEGO Head storage container looks just as good as the Lego Head Storage Container one you can buy. 

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Just think off how cute your LEGO storage will be with this DIY Repurposed Can Lego Head!

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