Hi everyone! I am excited to introduce you today to some other bloggers in a similar niche to mine

These women have a range of expertise to share with you and I hope you will be inspired! I so appreciate your loyal following throughout the last six years of my blog; now it’s time for you to find a few more favorites. These are six modern bloggers you should know!
Angie from House Becoming Home
Angie is an incredibly talented designer and furniture builder! I recently fell in love with her DIY bunk beds and have been down a rabbit hole loving on all her amazing builds.

I don’t know why she keeps making all this amazing stylish stuff for her kids instead of herself, but I was also blown away by the DIY vanity you see above in their kids’ bathroom. Go check out her blog to be impressed with all the furniture builds and unique modern projects she has going on!
Sonya from At Home With The Barkers
I’ve followed Sonya for a long time and love her positive personality! She has a cozy and casual vibe and brings in modern elements to her home’s style. She recently painted her bathroom walls all black (a very daring thing to do!) and I love the result! It reminds me of how nervous I was to paint my dining room wall black.

My other favorite recent of hers was the green board and batten she added to her dining room. Green is a very trendy color right now and she did it justice! Her DIY fireplace makeover is also definitely one to see!
Nicole from Repurpose Life
Meeting Nicole was very inspiring to me because she is a one-woman show! Just like me, she does all aspects of her projects by herself. Looking through everything she’s accomplished, I’m so impressed. My favorite project of hers are these modern sliding doors (you might remember I have a couple sliding doors in my new home, too).

I love her fearless attitude towards building whatever she dreams up. You should definitely see these modern outdoor chairs that are easy to build without complicated tools. She also did a really awesome fireplace update that will inspire you! In getting to know Nicole, I felt it was important to share a little back story on why she started blogging because it’s so touching:

My husband suffered a severe traumatic brain injury 8 years ago while wakeboarding and our lives were instantly turned upside down. I spent long days in waiting rooms while he was in the hospital, therapies, doctor appointments, etc. At that time, a new platform called Pinterest had just come onto the scene and I spent a lot of time perusing it. I was amazed by all of these women completing room makeovers and building furniture…using power tools! So, one day I came home from one of the appointments, ripped the carpet off of our stairs (as my kids watched me as if I had lost my mind), and created a beautiful wooden staircase. It was the start of MY therapy and now it is my joy. 
Nicole from Repurpose Life Megan from Two Feet First
Megan is a blogger on a mission to update an outdated house on a budget! Her kitchen cabinet makeover is jaw dropping – you won’t believe the before and after. I love the modern, clean lines of her designs.

Megan also made a reusable frame sign which is a popular project for her. And if you’re still not impressed by those ideas, don’t miss her custom closet organizer! I wish I had one in my closet! Go join her email list so you can follow along as she works on taking out a wall in her kitchen to open the floor plan and building extra cabinetry.
Joanna from In Joannas House
Joanna’s blog is only a few months old and I’m excited to be introducing you to this talented brand new blogger! While she may be a newbie to blogging, she is definitely not a newbie to her craft – building, renovating, and home improvements. In her own words,

My husband Jared and I have been building and renovating our own homes for 13 years (since we were 19 & 21 years old). We built our first home after we married (we’re high school sweethearts) in 2007.  In 2012, we bought a foreclosure property and over 7 years (while we lived in it) completely renovated it inside and out plus landscaping. We are now planning on building again (this will be our 3rd home) an amazing Urban Forest Farmhouse that we totally designed (Jared drew up the blueprints himself). This is a full DIY as well so I recently decided I wanted to share the whole journey from beginning to end with blogging. We want to inspire other DIYers and renovators with design, building, and money saving tips. My husband also is a skilled woodworker and builds custom furniture, barn doors, concrete countertops etc. All these things will be incorporated in the finished home; we will build as much décor and furniture ourselves as we can.
Joanna from In Joanna’s House
Some of her most impressive posts are linked here:
Our DIY Kitchen Remodel WHOLE HOME RENOVATION (ON A BUDGET) https://www.injoannashouse.com/the-best-kitchen-design-trends-for-2020/ Toni from Girl Just DIY
I’ve known Toni for quite some time now because she heads up a women’s woodworking group I’m often inspired by on Facebook. Toni dabbles in a lot of different DIY’s from crafts to custom furniture.

These are some of her favorite project she wants you to see:

That’s all for today! I hope you found at least a couple of these modern bloggers that peaked your interest. Please go check out their best projects and be inspired!!

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