Jewelry Displays for Craft Shows and Beyond

Jewelry Displays for Craft Shows and Beyond

If your small business sells jewelry, you need to find ways to show off your products. Displays can help you make your products easily accessible at craft shows or special events. And they can also help dress up photos for online sales.

There are different display options for each major category. For example, some are made specifically for necklaces while others just display earrings. You can also create DIY jewelry display to highlight special pieces an arts and craft audience will appreciate. Depending on what products you sell, the options below may be of interest to a craft show.

If you’re looking for ideas for jewelry displays, here are some products to consider.

Best Jewelry Display Set Best Lucite Jewelry Display Best Hanging Jewelry Display
Gems on Display 9 Piece Champagne Pink Leather Jewelry Display Set Mooca 7 Pieces Set Clear Acrylic Jewelry Display Stand for Ring MyGift 3-Tier Wall-Mounted Wood Jewelry Accessories Organizer with Chalkboard
Gems on Display 9 Piece Champagne Pink Leather Jewelry Display Set Mooca 7 Pieces Set Clear Acrylic Jewelry Display Stand for Ring MyGift 3-Tier Wall-Mounted Wood Jewelry Accessories Organizer with Chalkboard
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Best Jewelry Displays to Consider

Each jewelry business must find great craft show displays and photo props that work for their specific needs. Below is a more full list of options broken down by category so you can find the right products for your needs and budget.

Best Jewelry Displays for Earrings

Whether you sell dainty or statement earrings, a quality display can make your creations stand out and keep them organized. Some of these showcase just one product at a time, while others provide spots for multiple products. There are also multiple brands, colors, and materials to choose from.

Yuson Products Brown Wood Earring Display Stands for Shows

This custom made Yuson earring case includes multiple rows to stack earrings in basic paper packaging. It’s made from pine wood. So it’s attractive, lightweight, and durable.

Beadaholique Jewelry Display, Black 3 Piece

Beadaholique includes three small black velvet stands. They’re small and simple, this means they won’t distract from your pieces. They’re especially well suited ii you want to make great statement earrings to stand out.

SUNEED Earring Holder Organizer

This earring organizer from SUNEED includes a wood base and three rows of iron earring holders. It can hold 34 pairs of earrings. And it can accommodate everything from posts to long statement pieces. So it’s perfect for those who sell a big variety.

BanST Gold Metal Earring T Bar Stand

This BanST earring stand holds just one set of earrings, making it perfect for pieces you want to promote or photograph for your website. It comes in a gold finish to complement gold pieces. But there are other finishes available as well.

Sooyee 360 Rotating Earring Holder and Jewelry Organizer

At a craft show, you may want a rotating case to show off lots of products to customers easily. This acrylic option from Sooyee works for both stud and dangly earrings. It holds 78 pairs, so there are many display ideas to be had. And the simple design won’t distract from your products.

Best Jewelry Displays for Bracelets

Bracelets can range from luxurious gold chains to costume bangles. A quality stand can give more display ideas to show multiple products at once and highlight special pieces. And it can make it easy for customers to access their favorite designs. Here are some to consider.

Evelots T-Bar Bracelet Organizer

This classic bracelet organizer from Evelots is covered with black velvet to provide a classic look and protect pieces. It can showcase multiple items at once. And it’s easy to remove and replace items as they’re purchased.

Bright Creations Rustic Wood 2 Tier Jewelry Holder T Bar Display

This Bright Creations t-bar holder offers a rustic look. Made from paulownia wood material, it has two levels to show off tons of pieces at once and add dimension to your pieces.

Mooca 6 Pcs Set Wooden Hand Form Jewelry Display Bracelet Ring Stand Holder

If you want to show what your bracelets might look like on an actual wrist, consider this pack from Mooca. It includes six hand-shaped stands that can hold both bracelets and rings.

Juvale Bracelet Pillow Display 12-Pack Velvet Jewelry Display Pillow

Bracelet pillows provide an easy way to show off bracelets individually. You can place them in a case or small container. Some may even use them for photos. This one from Juvale includes 12 pillows measuring 3 by 3 inches.

Ikee Design Wooden Rotating Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand

This wooden stand from Ikee Design rotates, making it perfect for showing many pieces. It includes hooks that are spaced out perfectly for showing off bracelets. Although it looks simple, there are many display ideas you can play with to make your pieces stand out.

Best Jewelry Displays for Necklaces

Necklaces are popular both at craft shows and online. Whether you sell simple pendants or beaded pieces, a quality case can help customers get an idea for how each piece might look on them. So it can really inform their buying decisions, in addition to showing off your beautiful pieces and making them look great. Here are a few different types.

Umbra Trigem Hanging Organizer

This hanging necklace display and organizer from Umbra can actually work for multiple jewelry types. But it leaves enough room to make it perfect for neckpieces. It’s brass and includes three tiers and a tray at the bottom.

7TH VELVET Black Velvet Necklace Easel

This pack from 7TH VELVET includes six separate easels that hold one necklace each. They show off what necklaces might look like on. And the velvet protects each piece.

Mooca Lightweight Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand

This wooden necklace display from Mooca includes spots for seven different necklaces without having them overlap. It comes in four finishes and is perfect for a booth with a craft like, rustic or traditional look.

Darice Burlap Necklace Bust

If you’re looking for a realistic bust to show what your pieces might look like on, consider this option from Darice. It comes in a gray burlap finish. So it offers a great upscale look without distracting from each piece.

MyGift Set of 2 Barnwood Adjustable-Length Necklace Storage Holder

This necklace display from MyGift allows you to hang multiple products from sawtooth ridges at the top. It comes in two wood finishes and offers adjustable height.

Best Jewelry Displays for Rings

Ring displays not only show customers your products. They can also help to keep your items organized at craft shows or wherever you keep your online inventory. Below are some of the different types and options to consider.

Mooca 7 Pieces Set Clear Acrylic Jewelry Display Stand for Ring

If you want a display idea to highlight each ring on its own, this set from Mooca includes seven lucite holders. They come in various heights to add dimension and variety to your cases or craft show display.

ZLY Jewelry Rings Display Tray

Those who have a lot of rings to show off might consider this tray from ZLY. It holds 100 items and includes velvet surfaces to protect each one.

KESHENG Modern Marble Ring Holder Tower Ceramic Cone

If you want to show off statement pieces or find ring holders for photos, this KESHENG product may be perfect. It has a marble finish and comes in a set of two simple cones.

Oirlv Linen 3 Slots Ring Earrings Display Trays

This linen tray from Oirlv shows off just a few rings or sets of earrings. It’s covered in light gray linen for a classic look that won’t distract from your products. And it’s small enough to easily transport to craft fairs.

MyGift 3-Tier Wall-Mounted Wood Jewelry Accessories Organizer with Chalkboard

This ring holder from MyGift hangs from the wall. So it’s perfect for craft fair booths that offer mounting space. It has a wood finish and includes a chalkboard. So you can write a short description of your products or promote prices or specials.

Best Jewelry Displays for Other Pieces

Some jewelers may carry pieces other than those listed above, including broaches, hairpins, and cuff links. If your small business sells any of these other items at events or online, consider these unique options.

Gems on Display 9 Piece Champagne Pink Leather Jewelry Display Set

This set from Gems on Display includes nine pieces that display various types of jewelry. They include all the basics, but also have small trays for other pieces that don’t fit traditional options. Each one is made from light pink leatherette for a consistent look across a craft fair booth.

Angelynn’s Cufflink Organizer

Those who sell cufflinks at craft fairs may love this organizer from Angelynn’s. It mounts to the wall and comes in four finishes. It can show off up to 92 pairs.

Y&Me Wooden Jewelry Tray with Lid

This tray from Y&Me can be used for almost any type of piece at a craft show. However, the sections are large enough for unique pieces like eye-catching brooches. It’s also covered to protect one of a kind items.

SSWBasics 12-Peg White Wire Countertop Rack

This SSWBasics countertop display includes adjustable pegs. So you can use it to showcase pretty much anything, including products like keychains.

FLYPARTY Enamel Pin Wall Display Banner

Those who sell small enamel pins or similar items may like this hanging canvas from FLYPARTY. It’s an affordable banner that comes in two colors. And you can easily hang it up at your craft show display table.

Best Jewelry Photography Props

This category includes great jewelry display ideas that are especially good for photography. These items should be relatively muted so as not to distract from each piece in photos. They should also not reflect light or hold tons of pieces at once.

GemeShou BanST 5pcs Acrylic Jewelry Display Tray Resin Earring Tray

If you want to take photos of your products lying flat on an attractive surface, consider this BanST set. It includes five acrylic trays that are made to look like natural gems.

Mooca 6 Pcs Jewelry Display Risers Stacking Nested Set

This set from Mooca includes six jewelry risers that you can use both as a craft show display and photo prop. You simply lay items flat to view them off on a simple yet sophisticated surface.

QILICHZ Necklace and Earring Bust Jewelry Display Bust Stand

This bust from QILICHZ is great for both necklaces and earrings. It shows what your products should look like on an actual person.

Monrocco 2pcs Female Mannequin Hand

For bracelets and rings, this Monrocco set includes both a black and white plastic hand. It can help you create eye-catching images and demonstrate how multiple pieces might look together.

N’ice Packaging 2-Pack White Leatherette Wrist Watch Bracelet Jewelry Showcase

For bracelets and watches, this N’ice leatherette showcase allows you to photograph pieces on a plain background while holding them in place instead of laying them flat.

How do you show jewelry for sale?

You show jewelry for sale in the way that best shows the whole piece as it will be used. For example, earrings should hang. Bracelets should be placed on round bars. Necklaces should be placed on busts. You will get better jewelry display ideas as you look at more displays.

How do you display jewelry at a craft show?

When you are at a craft fair you can have a wide range of pieces. Whether it is DIY jewelry or an eye-catching antique piece you bought at an auction, make sure all of your jewels are easily accessible so customers can see them up close. You’ll likely want to show off multiple pieces at once. So you might consider racks that rotate or containers that hold multiple pieces next to one another.

If all else fails, you can make your own DIY jewelry display to truly showcase your jewels in a craft booth.

How do I photograph jewelry for online sales?

You should include multiple photos of jewelry pieces in each product listing. One should include the piece on a plain background and at least one other should show what it looks like on a model. Make sure the jewels are clean and shiny. But avoid using a flash and keep the light even using reflectors to avoid glare in images.

Here are more business photography tips.


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