Office Closet Organization

Hello friends! Welcome to a new week! And Valentines week! Do yall have any plans? Nothing big here, but I love to give the kids a treat and make it special for them. Its on Friday this year our movie night, so the perfect chance to stay in and cuddle up on the couch together.

Today, I have a new organization post and I hope it inspires you to tackle an organization project in your own home. Last month, I shared my pantry organization and holiday storage closet, and today, its my home office closet!

This office is where I spend the majority of my days blogging away. I love having this pretty, dedicated space to work in, although sometimes I do just grab my laptop and work from my couch.

Desk (similar) Desk Chair RugBuchanan Etagere Art Similar Lamp Marble Pillow Chandelier


Lets start with the before, that way you can really appreciate the after! As youll notice, the closet itself is nice and big with shelving and a built-in dresser. It just needed to be cleaned up and reorganized.

If youre interested in watching how the organization took place in real time, join me on Stories and Ill be posting the video!


I started like I do most major organization projects by taking everything out and cleaning. I wiped down the shelves and vacuumed the floor. Then I went through my things and discarded trash and put thing that didnt belong in there in new places.

Then comes the fun part, putting the things back in an organized, pretty way!

Large Storage Bins Small Storage Boxes Wall Vase Faux Succulents

I still need to relabel my storage boxes, but you get the idea. Having bins in the same shape and color looks more uniform and pleasing to the eye. In the small boxes are things like printer ink and craft supplies.

The large boxes are dedicated to James, Jordan, and household papers.

I put my camera bag and equipment on the shelf with my sewing machine for easy access. Behind the large white boards are framed art that Im not currently displaying, but didnt want to get rid of yet. The big blue bins are for old memorabilia and photo albums.

I organized my camera lenses and more photos on the tall shelves.

Similar Woven Bins Peace Sign Hand Similar Vase Wall Vase Faux Succulents

I love how neat and organized everything looks now!

I had the most fun organizing inside the drawers. I love my craft supplies just as much now as I did as a kid. Over the years, Ive passed a lot of my things down to my nieces and now Im left with just the things I truly love and use.

Clear Drawer Organizer Drawer/Shelf Liner Gold Scissors Small Gold Scissors Macaroon Erasers Rubber Band Ball

The second drawer has my markers and greeting/thank you cards, along with some stamp cutout tools.

The third drawer is for paint and art supplies, washi tape and my glue gun.

The last drawer is for gift bags, tissue paper and ribbon.

Have I inspired you to get to work on an area in your home? If you dont have a dedicated craft closet or place for your art supplies, I highly recommend one of those rolling carts. They dont take up much space, and are so handy! I have one in Jordans playroom and it helps so much to have her paper/coloring books and colors easily accessible.

Some of my other favorite office organization supplies I put into a collage for ya. For instance, my pretty stapler broke, so Id like to order the acrylic/gold one below since I use my stapler all the time. Its amazing how many cute office things there are now- gone are the days of boring silver paper clips you can get them in your favorite color, so why not?!

Also, labeling things makes everything look nicer, so I included a labeler, along with those preprinted labels.

My favorite colored erasable pens are something I use everyday! And your drawers will definitely look neater if you utilize a drawer organizer. Then you just have to figure out what fits where.

Things like erasers that look like macaroons are extra, but so dang cute!

Desk Pad Acrylic Stapler & Tape Dispenser Office Labels Drawer Organizer Desk Organizer Set Erasable Pens Labeler Macaroon Erasers Scissors Rubber Band Ball Storage Boxes Rolling Cart

Now go kick Mondays booty!

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