This technique is a simple way to sort and organize your jewelry-making supplies so you know exactly what you have so you can make your jewelry without stopping to search!

Do you like to make your own Jewelry? Do you have beads, clasps, and chains in a jumbled mess shoved in a box somewhere?

Making jewelry can be so much fun but not when you have to begin by digging and searching to see what you already have. It is so much easier to be able to see what you have and what you need with a simple glanse.
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Supplies You’ll Need to Create this Project:
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Plastic Organizer Box Ruler Cardstock Scissors Sharpie Marker Making Paper Labels:
Begin by measuring the size of the compartments in the plastic storage container. Depending on the box you use the dimensions may be different from mine so don’t use my measurements, but measure your own.

These compartments are 4 x 5.5 centimeters. You can see how cardstock cut down to that size fit perfectly inside.

Cut as many rectangles as needed for your storage container.

Write on the rectangle what will go inside that compartment.

Put the rectangle inside the compartment with the writing facing down, then put the supply on top of it.

When the box is closed you’ll be able to turn the container over and see what’s in the storage container at a glance. And don’t worry, the compartment walls go all the way to the lid so even if you have tiny seed beads in a compartment they won’t get mixed into other compartments.

For this particular case, I was organizing my jewelry-making supplies from Craft Fantastic, but this technique works for any beads or jewelry findings.

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Our Jewelry Making Essentials List: Jewelry Pliers are a necessity and a different plier is needed for different tasks. Good quality Jump Rings are a necessity in many different sizes and metals. A Non-slip Bead Mat keeps all of your beads, findings, and tools in front of you without rolling away! The more you DIY Jewelry the more little beads and things you will accumulate. Keep them organized with Plastic Organizer Containers. Follow The Crafty Blog Stalker

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