Upgrade Your Living Room With Stylish Burrow Sofas, Rugs, Bar Carts & Coffee Table


Burrow—the popular furniture maker best known for its easy-to-move modular couches— is expanding its offerings with the brand's biggest launch to date, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

The new collections include the brand’s first-ever bar cart, round and square trays, stylish new rugs and more coffee tables and side tables, as well as a chic new Range line that offers a sleek and sophisticated take on the brand's signature sofas, loveseats, arm chairs and ottomans.

Burrow's latest home furnishings drop was designed with customer feedback while maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic that can be mixed and matched to achieve several cool design themes—from mid-century modern to cozy contemporary.

“With these pieces, we’ve created visual accents across the home,” said Kabeer Chopra, Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder, Burrow in a statement.

“They’re really the finishing touch for any room and complete those in-between spaces. Following the standard we’ve set for furniture, these additions continue to bring our customers’ feedback to life and create even more timeless choices that serve many uses. And as a bonus, we believe they’re perfect for hosting intimate gatherings with loved ones this season.”

Burrow is betting that that people will continue investing in their homes this holiday season as more of us are working at home and spending more time inside during the pandemic, and they introduced a slew of cool new products on the same day as their Black Friday early access sale. 

Check out the holiday sale details and product highlights below:

Black Friday (Saturday, 11/21 - Saturday, 11/28)
10% off up to $1399
$200 off $1400+
$250 off $1800+
$300 off $2200+
$400 off $2600+
$500 off $3000+

Cyber Week (Sunday, 11/29 - Sunday, 12/6)
10% off up to $1399
$200 off $1400+
$250 off $1800+
$300 off $2200+
$400 off $2600+
$500 off $3000+
$700 off $4000+
$1000 off $5000+


Launched in late October, Burrow's sleek and sophisticated Range Collection of sofas, loveseats and chairs, sectionals and ottomans is definitely here to elevate your living room game. 

The mid-century modern meets Scandinavian design aesthetic boasts a low profile look that evoke the luxury sofas of a bygone era--but with updated construction that includes stain-and-scratch resistant fabrics built for rugged, everyday use in stone gray, heather charcoal and navy blue. 

And, as with all Burrow sofas, since these customizable pieces are easy to assemble and disassemble, moving them into tight living spaces and urban apartments are much easier than a traditional, non-modular sofa. What's more, the head-turning looks of the Range line is sure to instantly improve your living room's vibe.  


Inspired by Alvar Aalto’s iconic design and the Bauhaus design ethos—the Dram Bar Cart is a modern, stylish piece for any room. The versatile Dram can serve as a traditional bar cart, coffee cart, plant trolley, craft organizer, work-from-home station and more. The frame features lightweight powder-coated tubing and its two trays feature a molded plywood lip to prevent spills and to make for easy cleaning. The Dram Bar Cart is available in oak and walnut (both with a black frame) for $295 and ships in one UPS box.

The Signal Coffee Table
Spurred by customer demand for circular table options, both the Kettle and Signal Coffee & Side Table collections mark Burrow’s departure from its signature oak and walnut materials – introducing new materials like marble and glass to create statement pieces, the two lines can also be paired together to add contrast to a room. 

The Kettle Side Table
The Kettle Side Table—featuring a monolithic, spun metal form— is priced from $265-$295 and ships in two UPS boxes. Its dimensions are 15 inches by 21 inches by 15 inches. The Signal Side Table—characterized by a metal spindle frame—is $265 and ships in two UPS boxes. Its dimensions are 17 inches by 21 inches by 17 inches.


In addition to the Dram Bar Cart and Kettle and Signal Coffee and Side Tables, Burrow is also introducing its new Ottoman Tray and Round Tray. The Ottoman Tray is designed to perfectly fit on top of the brand's best-selling Nomad Ottoman, can double as an extra coffee table. Its carved handle cutouts make it easy to carry, and its generous lip helps keep containers standing tall while also making for easy cleaning. The Ottoman Tray is available in walnut and oak for $95 and ships in just one UPS box. 

The Round Tray is small and lightweight, meant for carrying dinner and drinks for a night in. Available in light oak, dark walnut and whitewashed finishes, it makes serving and sharing easier as most of us increasingly spend more time on our couches during the pandemic. The Round Tray is available for $65 and ships in just one UPS box. 


Burrow is also expanding its line of rugs, which are perfectly proportional to its most popular furniture. Available in two sizes, 5 feet x 8 feet and 8 feet x 10 feet, and priced from $395-$795, the new rugs ship in one UPS bag and include:

Night Swim - This contemporary design in classic navy blue and white balances elegance with modern style. It's made with wool, viscose, and nylon blend in a soft, low pile construction.

High Noon – This desert-inspired design, made from 100% pure wool with a soft, low-pile construction, strikes a happy medium between a statement and a neutral piece, complete with subtle, contrasting colors.

Twin Peaks – Made from durable, 100% recycled polyester with a flat weave construction, this eclectic-patterned rug’s warm, monochromatic palette makes it a neutral – yet interesting – foundation piece. It’s also stain-resistant, kid-friendly and easy to clean.

For more information about Burrow and its products, visit www.burrow.com.

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