What kind of planner are you?

If you're a planner junkie, which I am, taking control of your planner supplies can be as difficult as taking control of your paper crafting supplies.  Each time I venture into a craft store, I feel drawn into the planner aisle, and although I've got more stickers than I could ever use, I find myself flipping through sticker book after sticker book.

I recently taught a class for the Wandering Planners about how I use my planner.  After class, the most common questions were about storing planner supplies.  Like paper crafters, there are a variety of types of "planner people."

Some always only plan at home, some move their planners stuff around, and some meet with friends at the local coffee shop each Sunday afternoon to plan their week. (Does any of this sound familiar? - What kind of crafter are you?)

If you're reading this, chances are, you are both a planner and papercrafter - you may even be a "memory-planner."

After talking with the ladies at Wandering Planners, I thought it was about time to do a few posts about organizing planner supplies.

In this first post - you're going to have to determine what type of planner you are...
Patty Planathome
Do you have an area in your home, where you always settle in to plan?  Do your planner supplies permanently reside in that area?  If so, you're Patty Planathome.  Settle in and start planning.
Gracie Goanplan
Do you head to the local coffee shop to make your plans, or carry your planner supplies to and from work? Do you meet friends to plan together? If so, you're Gracie Goanplan.  Put your supplies in your tote and head out - you're always ready.
Getting your planner supplies organized at home Desktop or Stationary Organizers
If you've got an office, desk top or work space where you can set up your planner supplies for permanent use, these are the ideal organizers for you.

The Desk Maid Die, Stamp & Supply organizer is ideal for planning supplies.  Combine it with our tabbed divider pockets for page and sticker storage and you've got a perfect organizer for your desk top.

Turn this on it's back

The Pen & Ink Palace becomes the perfect sticker sorter when you turn it on it's back.  Add a few of our 5x7 Stamp Pockets and you've got great sticky note storage too. Video how to link.

Pens, markers, scissors...

The Tool Tower is a great place to store and organize all of those small tools you need to have within easy reach.
Planning on the move - Gloria Goanplan
You may carry your planning supplies back and forth between work and home, or you may take your supplies to plan with friends.  If you're a mobile planner, you need an organizer that is easy to pack up and easy to unpack.  The Ditto, double-sided tool bag paired with our Lois 2.0 tote is the perfect combination.

If you're thinking the Ditto bag looks pretty good all by itself, you're correct.  It is the workhorse in this relationship.  The Lois tote is a great addition for 2 reasons.  The shoulder straps allow you to free up your hands and the added space around the Ditto makes it easy to put your planner and a few other things in the tote as well.

Mobile at home...

If you need to be able to move your supplies around at home, try using our Companion Cart.  You can add the other organizers into the cart to make it even more efficient.

The cart is especially handy if you also do journaling or Bible journaling. Everything can be kept together and rolled into a closet or corner when you're not using it, then rolled up next to your chair when you're ready to work.

Thanks for stopping by today.  If you've got questions or comments please feel free to use the comment box below. I love to hear your ideas, suggestions and questions.

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