With a home office, sometimes renovations are necessary to create a good workplace

Kourtni Munoz of House on Longwood Lane was able to take advantage of a few Home Depot products, showing how changing the paint on her bookshelf made her office a place she wanted to work in again.
The most embarrassing space in our house in my home office. I haven’t actually worked in my office since I remotely worked a 9-5 from home almost a year and a half ago! We’ve been using it to store everything I use for projects and not to mention there is a sleeper sofa in there for extra guest space.

The biggest part of a work space needs to be a space that sparks your creativity. I work mainly in our dining room and living room and that’s also created bad habits of leaving everything out and having a toddler who likes to “touch” everything doesn’t make for a good pairing!
Using the Project Color App

We decided to dive into the office makeover with The Home Depot ProjectColor App. Currently, the office has a built-in bookcase along one wall, and I wanted to paint the entire bookcase wall in a green/gray color to create an accent wall. Our whole home is very neutral and I’ve been craving a pop of color to spark my creativity in my office.
See it in Your Space

The ProjectColor App makes paint projects even easier with their new feature, “See it in Your Space.” You can browse through colors you like and choose to “See it in Your Space” by taking a photo and putting the color on the desired location. The app allows you to see the colors in your space before you actually paint. BRILLIANT!

I went through about 20 different shades of green in the app and chose a couple favorites that I wanted to see in the space in natural light. I narrowed it down to four green paint samples! I added them to my favorites and was able to purchase the samples through The ProjectColor App and just picked them up in my local Home Depot store. No waiting in line, nothing! It was a game changer when it came to choosing the best paint for my office.
Color Matching

Everyone has heard of color matching at The Home Depot paint department, right? Well, what about color matching at the tips of your fingers in your own home! I couldn’t decide on the shade of green I wanted to go with, so I tried out the color matching tool. My husband bought me a vintage typewriter when we moved into our first home and I have loved it ever since. This became my inspiration piece for the accent wall.

I color matched the keys and the body of the typewriter to see the color family I was looking at for Behr Paint.

I added the paint colors I liked to my “favorites”. Then, I ordered my paint samples by clicking on each paint color. I wish everything in life was this easy! Deciding on a paint color can be very time consuming and a bit frustrating in store. Especially with a toddler in tow and The ProjectColor App definitely helped me save so much time. If you aren’t sure where to even start, the app allows you to check out popular colors. And you can see what’s trending on Pinterest. Uhm, yes please!
Painting the Built-In Bookcase
We decided on Pinecone Hill by Behr Paintin Behr Premium Plus Ultra Satin Finish. The paint and primer in one made it so that I only needed two coats on the entire built-in! To get the best finish I used a high-density foam mini paint roller for cabinets and doors. It gives the look of a paint sprayer finish! The Home Depot is having a paint promo during Labor Day Weekend for $10 off 1 gallon / $40 off 3 and 5 gallons. You can check out all the details here about Home Depot’s Labor Day Paint Sale!

I couldn’t believe how great it looked! My husband was a little skeptical about the dark color since our home is so neutral. But, I think I’ve converted him to the dark side! Now who’s ready to see what a can of paint can do for your space?

Ladies and gents, this is what a can of Behr Paint and the ProjectColor App can do!

In addition to using The ProjectColor App I used tons of Home Depot décor to decorate the rest of the office. Home Depot is not only my go-to place for DIY projects, but home décor as well! Are you surprised Home Depot has killer décor like this area rug, pendant light, shelf decor, picture frames and tons of furniture? I rounded up the best home decor from Home Depotif you’re looking for some jaw dropping finds.

I used some Rust-Oleum spray paint to fix up this old Craigslist find and switched out the handles with some leather pulls from left over craft supplies. This filing cabinet makeover cost about the can of spray paint!

Can we talk about this shelfie?! If you aren’t sure what to put on a shelf, hit up The Home Depot’s Garden Center. Get your plant game on. This office is so full of life now and it’s refreshing to just sit and enjoy this space now.

To finish off the office makeover I grabbed some vintage and thrifted pieces along with building this DIY Modern Wood Desk. I couldn’t help myself! But my husband and I both decided this desk fits the space so much better now.

I hope this project inspires you. Grab that can of bold paint and shake things up this Labor Day weekend!

I took on this paint project at my own risk while preparing for baby Munoz! Behr offers multiple low VOC paint options to help you transform your spaces.

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