Beeswax Honeycomb Blocks- Thread Conditioner-Waxers- For Stitching And  Crafting

Beeswax Honeycomb Blocks- Thread Conditioner-Waxers- For Stitching And Crafting

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Updated pictures and more information today- 4/19/2018

New pictures today- so that folks buying- aren't confused.. You get one beeswaxer per, not all the ones in the pictures.. These are my Beeswax Honeycomb Blocks- Thread Conditioner-Waxers- For Stitching And Crafting. I use these all the time for waxing my thread while cross stitching, and I also use them for in between paint layers- when painting and distressing layers and layers of paints on primitive style and distressed style wood pieces.. And did I mention they are perfect for adding to bath and body goods??

This picture shows a few- however the listing is $6 each... You can order as many as you like, I'm making them all the time... They'll come with a sprig of sweet annie- that is packaged in with the waxers- and yes- they do crumble a bit- but I just love them... And it won't hurt your wax or your threads... Also- these are made of 100% pure beeswax- form our local beekeepers farm just down the road- so there are going to be impurities in each block.. TIdbits from the hive.. These also- won't harm your threads or projects- and I just love how 100% pure they are.....

If for any reason- you wish to not have some sweet annie in your packaging- due to allergies or what not- please just let me know- and I'll pour a fresh batch- embellishment free...  

The uses for pure beeswax are quite un-limited if you ask me... I'm thinking they write books and articles on it!!! ( wink wink ).. :) However- these are just a few of my favorite uses.. So again- These honeycomb molded blocks of beeswax are PURE- unfiltered blocks, straight from our local honey farm, and then molded by me.. I get it literally- Fresh From The Hive.. This also means, as pure as it is, there may be color variations and slight beehive remnants ( no bees- no worries ) in each piece... Adds to the charm....

Each one varies in weight- up to 2-3 oz each, approx- depending on the viscosity of each fresh batch I get and melt and pour. They do measure approx 2 1/2 inches in diameter..

Lovely to use- Lovely to gaze on...

If you've any questions- please do ask...

Thanks bunches!!!