BOSS Waza Craft VB-2W Vibrato Pedal

BOSS Waza Craft VB-2W Vibrato Pedal

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BOSS Waza Craft VB-2W Vibrato Pedal

BOSS brings back the vibes with the Waza Craft VB-2W Vibrato Pedal. Using the same bucket-brigade circuitry as the original highly sought-after VB-2 pedal from 1982, the VB-2W elicits the same expressive pitch-shifted vibrato as the original model—that is, before you engage the Custom mode switch. In Custom mode, the VB-2W generates a completely different vibe which adds an innovative new vibrato sound with a unique filter wave and real-time control function for enhanced expression. It's like having two pedals in one, providing an efficient combination with the best of vintage and modern vibrato effects.

BOSS kept the styling of the pedal familiar; with the classic blue chassis with a top panel sporting simple Rate, Depth, Rise Time, and Mode controls. While the effect controls are fairly straightforward the Mode control changes the way the footswitch operates. For normal operation, the Latching option turns the pedal on and off with a press of the footswitch. The unlatching option is very popular as the pedal is only active while the footswitch is being pressed—great for momentary use for adding the effect to only specific notes and chords. The Bypass option completely removes the pedal from the signal chain, preventing any unwanted latency from the pedal's electronics

Custom Mode Switch
With the Waza Craft initiative, BOSS brought back the classic VB-2 design and added a little something extra by way of a tiny S/C toggle switch. The "S" (Standard) mode is a reproduction of the vintage VB-2 circuit in all its analog vibrato glory. Switch over to the "C" (Custom) mode, and your signal goes through a completely different process for a totally new vibrato sound with a unique filter wave

Expression Pedal Control
Near the instrument input jack is another input jack labeled DEPTH. Plug in a separately available expression pedal (like the Roland EV-5) and you can control the vibrato depth dynamically without taking your hands off your guitar

Classic BOSS Design
The VB-2W can run off of a single 9V battery or an optional external 9 VDC power supply. The electronics are encased in BOSS's iconic durable metal housing with a non-slip rubber base. The battery compartment can be easily accessed by unscrewing the thumbscrew at the front of the pedal. This pedal utilizes a buffered bypass for silent switching and driving long cable runs, even while the pedal is disengaged


• 100% Analog Bucket-Brigade Vibrato
• Dual Modes: Standard and Custom
• Classic VB-2 Vibrato in Standard Mode
• All-New Filter Wave in Custom Mode
• Controls for Rate, Depth, and Rise Time
• Separate Bypass Mode Control
• Expression Pedal Input
• Buffered Bypass
• Made in Japan